April 18, 2018




1.      Part I of the English I, II and III EOC is today. Go straight to your testing location for roll call. No bells will be rung and no one should be on the internet until all testing is finished. A list of times and room locations are posted by the cafeteria door and by the affected classrooms. Do not disturb testing rooms.

2.      All seniors who will be attending Columbia State this fall need to meet in the cafeteria at 11 today.  These same seniors will also be attending an orientation/registration session at CSCC on Friday

3.      Prom shirts are on sale for $10 (cash only) See Mrs. Mendy to purchase. Juniors will be selling snacks during break in front of the cafeteria.

4.      Mrs. Heather has several prom dresses that are free for anyone who needs them.  Please see her if you are needing a dress.

5.      2018 Jr.-Sr. Prom will be Friday, May 4.  It is free for all WCHS Jr. & Sr. only.  A fee of $10 will apply for all other attendees and must be paid at the time of sign ups.  See Ms. Kelly to sign up and for any other questions! Friday is the LAST DAY to sign up. 

6.      This Day In History:   On this day in history in 1961, the Bay of Pigs invasion begins when a CIA financed and trained group of Cuban refugees lands in Cuba and attempts to topple the communist government of Fidel Castro. The attack was an utter failure.

7.      Lunch- Turkey and Cheese Subs, Roast Beef Sandwich, Salad