2:00 - Sydnee Runions, Avery Davis, John Austin Skelton, Aidan Britt, Hannah Rutkowski

2:15 - Tehya Gray,Trinidyy Bey, Kaitlyn Harder, Savannah Plunk

2:30 - Megan Hill, Shania Melson, Jesse Melson

2:45 - Tyler Day, Cooper Haines, Elise Nutt, Hunter Davis

3:00 - Michael Pearce, Sydni McClain, Trinity James, Annie Beckham

3:15 -Callie Ray, Jaylee Warren, Makenna Vandygriffe, Logan Nutt

3:30 - Abby Webb, Kaylee Haggard, Paighton Bolton, Amelia Williams

3:45 - Marie Duke, Vanessa Bowlus, Braxton Kelley, Ashley Kimes

4:00 - Jacob Riley, McKenzie Staggs, Mary Davis, Rebecca Odle

4:15 - Brittany Gobbell, Karleigh Davis, Danielle Herring, Alysia Merino

4:30 - Justin Brewer, Brilee Harris, Cole Creecy, Kaylee Eaton

4:45 - Chad Briley, Gavin Sesler, Camden Staggs, Christian Clark

5:00 - Jaymin Wren, Steven Sommers, Charlie Gilbert, Ian Ganoe 

5:15 - Nick Robson, JannaKay Bevis, Ethan Mayberry, Kade Chastain

5:30 - Skyler Baugus, Dalton Jones, Greg Beaudette

5:45 - Dalton Devers, Gage Thompson, Braden Morris

6:00 - Jordan James, Cameron Garrett, Preston Ray, Alex Vaughn 



Senior tux/drape pics will be made FREE of charge on June 8 only.  Appointments will begin in the band hall at 2 pm on that day.  If you plan on doing a custom session at Mac Brown studios, there is no need to have a pic made on June 8.

Even if you plan on having someone else take the majority of your senior casuals, we need everyone to have a tux or drape picture made for the yearbook and the class composite that hangs in the hallway by Mac Brown, so please take advantage of this free opportunity on June 8.  If you are unable to attend that day, there is a $25 sitting fee for retakes.

Looking ahead, there are several pictures that we will need from you all for the yearbook and graduation slideshow.  We have decided that we will have two weeks next year where we would like to accept pictures...just for the sheer fact that it will be much easier to keep up with than people bringing them in all throughout the year.  The first week we will accept photos will be registration night through the first week of school in August.  There is no reason why we couldn't go ahead and have you bring a baby picture, elementary, and middle school picture that night.  The second week will be the week after spring break, which will be the first week in April.  This should give everyone plenty of time to have their senior photos made.  If you plan on using someone other than Mac Brown, our advice is to book now. Some photographers are already full through August.  Outside photos are not nearly as good from November-March, so please have them taken before this time.  We will need a senior casual photo for both the yearbook and graduation slideshow.  When choosing pics, school photos work great bc they are high quality.  We have finally reached the stage where the majority of you should have digital photos.  If you have the photo on your computer, please don't print it.  Email or put on a cd. Also, pictures from phones or submitted through facebook lose a lot of quality and probably won't show up very well.  It may look ok in a small format on your phone, but when it is enlarged on the big screen at graduation, it will not look the same.  Please go ahead and be selecting your baby, elem, and middle school pics this summer and bring with you registration night.  Another tip when choosing your senior casuals....the yearbook needs a vertical picture.  You may bring either a horizontal or vertical for the slideshow, but horizontal ones show up larger and usually look better.

We would love to have some group snapshots for the slideshow.  Please refrain from bringing class photos as there are simply too many people to be effective on the slideshow.  Try to choose pics with no more than 5-6 people bc the photo will only be displayed for about 3 seconds.  Also, please do not submit multiple photos of your child with the same friends.  Choose the best 2-3 and submit.  We simply cannot use them all.  Phone cameras have come a long way, and if you are using a pretty recent phone snapshot, it will PROBABLY work.  If you are using one from 8-10 years ago, however, the quality is more than likely not going to work.  If you are scanning your own photos, please scan as jpeg files.  If you do not have access to a scanner, we will be glad to scan your photos for you.  Any photos submitted will be returned on graduation night when every senior will receive an envelope with all sorts of "goodies" in it. 

TN Promise apps will be completed when we return in August.  Since there is no penalty for completing one even if you aren't attending a community college or TCAT, we ask that everyone complete one as a backup plan in case your plans change at the last minute.  We also strongly encourage attending the two mandatory meetings and meeting the January FAFSA deadline to remain eligible for TN Promise.  You never know when family or financial circumstances may change and it would be nice to have a fallback plan if that were to happen.

Plan to attend a financial aid meeting after your registration meeting in August.  One parent and each student should have a working email address by this time in order to create an FSA ID where you can electronically sign your FAFSA.  Students, please have an email OTHER than your school-given email since those will expire following graduation.  Gmail is one of the best email sites and allows you to hold more storage. 

Go ahead and keep your 2016 parental tax documents handy, as well as 2016 student tax documents (if the student filed).  You will need them when the 2018-19 FAFSA becomes available online on October 1.  Generally speaking, if your adjusted gross income is around $36,000 or less, you will qualify for at least some type of federal assistance (Pell grant).  If you fall into this category, it is possible you might also qualify for free assistance from the state of TN (Tennessee Student Assistance Award), but that money is on a first come-first serve basis, so only the students that qualify AND file the FAFSA prior to the money running out will receive it.  If your parents are not married, you should use the tax documents of the parent you spend at least 51% of the time with.  If you spend an equal amount of time with each parent and one of them falls in the $36,000 or less category, use that parent's info.  Keep in mind that if the parent you choose to use is remarried, you will also have to include their spouse's financial info.   You will not use both your biological parents' info unless they are still married.

Graduation caps/gowns are around $29.  Honor stoles/distinction cords are $12.50 if you qualify.  As a reminder, here are the qualifications for each:

  • HONOR STOLES: 22 or higher composite on ACT
  • DISTINCTION CORD: 12 or more college hours/earn an industry certification such as CNA or Welding-4 welding courses the junior and/or senior year

Scholarships:  at this time, look on the website of the college you plan on attending for freshman scholarships.  They are sometimes also categorized by major.  Local scholarships will not become available until after Christmas.  Make sure to meet registration deadlines in order to apply.  Most colleges have minimum ACT/GPA requirements for their academic scholarships.  Be sure to compare colleges to see how much you would receive at each college.

You all have visited more college campuses than any other group we have ever had due to being the Gear Up cohort group.  If you plan on attending a university, please re-visit the campus this summer or early fall with your parents and tour a dorm or explore housing options.  You can set up visits through most college websites.

When you receive your ACT scores, if you qualify for dual enrollment and wish to participate, please call and let me know even if school is out.  I work an extra month in the summer, so I will be able to help you in late May/June and would prefer to do it then than wait until August.  You can take two dual enrollment courses for FREE (with the exception of paying for the textbook).  You will pay $300 for the third course and $500 for the fourth course.  If you wish to take more than 4 courses, you can complete a form to "borrow" money from your freshman year HOPE scholarship (up to $300 per course).  If you plan on attending Columbia State your freshman year, this would not be a big deal because TN Promise would pay the difference if your HOPE was not enough to cover everything.  If you plan on attending a university, however, instead of receiving $3500 your first year, that amount would be decreased by $300 for each additional course you took over 4.  Also, if you already used your two free courses as a junior and plan on taking more, CSCC will be here on registration night to accept payments or you can pay online through your Chargernet account.

Don't stress.  This may seem like a lot of info, but look at how many other students have sailed right through it in the past.  We are here to assist you, so please let us know how we can be of help!